The vast opportunities for Modular Construction in India

Modular steel construction

The demand for infrastructure in India is at an all time rise. The government is taking major steps to strengthen the infrastructure for the ever growing population. In a country which is already congested with its high population, we now need to build mass housing to make homes for 900 million more people by 2050, which is 856 new houses built every hour for the next 30 years (assuming a 4 person occupancy in each house), not to leave out the schools, colleges, hospitals and various other institutional buildings that would have to be constructed.

In the top seven cities alone, the demand is estimated to increase by 32% year-on-year as of 2020. As the government is now looking towards accelerating the growth of infrastructure in India, it has given approval for Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) to help investors come forward to invest in the Indian real estate market, thus creating an opportunity worth Rs. 1.25 trillion (US $ 19.65 billion) in the Indian market over the coming years. The sheer scale of this enormous project is groundbreaking and requires an equally groundbreaking solution to it, to achieve the required scale of construction to meet efficiently the demand of the construction market. The most efficient and effective solution: Modular Construction.

Without a doubt, modular construction has the advantage of speed. When properly planned, it can reduce the amount of time required to build per unit of structure by 50%. Imagine where only 200 houses could be built using traditional methods of construction, modular construction could give an output of 300 houses. This in turn reduces labour costs, while also reducing the overheads due to idle time of workers at the site to take construction on a step by step basis. In traditional construction, the ceiling can’t be constructed before the walls are erected, and walls can’t be erected till the floor is done. With modular construction, all this work can be done simultaneously, saving time, labour and in resultantly money.

Both the advantages, faster delivery and lower cost are the foundation of achieving success in the Indian market, both of which are efficiently met with the use of modular construction. We at Ananthagiri Industries firmly believe that modular construction is the revolution that is going to pick up pace in the Indian construction market in the coming future, resulting in major infrastructure projects. This is the ideal opportunity to explore the possibilities that this industry presents in front of us.

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