Structural Steel For Reliable Infrastructure

From design, fabrication, supply, and erection of hallmark quality steel structures, AIPL is your go-to player when it comes to reliable infrastructure needs. Steel is soon taking over the dominance in construction, crossing over the traditional concrete-based building.

Due to the massive scope for flexible designs and turnkey solutions that can be achieved using steel-based building manufacture, this revolution is gaining unprecedented traction. Not to mention the ease of creating prefabricated structures on remote facilities and then bringing the final products to the construction site. The gains in operational efficiency, space utilisation, and cost-effectiveness are phenomenal. 

At AIPL, we focus our Research and Development initiatives based on the world market trends in the construction and manufacturing domain. This makes our structural steel products cutting-edge, industry ready and the best in the business. We cater for the steel demands of a plethora of economic sectors that include:

  • Power Plants
  • Cement Manufacturing Facilities
  • Water/Sewage Treatment Plants
  • Rail/Road Bridges
  • Chemical Refineries
  • Textile Manufacturing Units
  • Public Sector Construction Initiatives

The list keeps piling higher by the day!