Pre-Engineered Green Buildings

At AIPL, we believe in taking the concept of Pre-Engineered Building (PEBs) a step further by mixing the element of “Green” in our manufacturing and construction process flows. We are committed to simplifying the complex building designs with our PEB solutions by offering our exclusive turn-key prefabricated steel structures. Our offerings are aimed at providing maximum value at optimum costs, i.e., ultimately a cost-effective solution.

Our dedicated team of experts is at your service to convert these next-gen engineering products into intelligent buildings that are future-ready and personalised to your preferences. 

Primary Structural Members

This is the pivotal load-bearing component of the PEB whose quality and performance can not be compromised. We understand its significance in the overall design of the building. Therefore, we channel our complete focus and expertise into creating them using the latest technology and aesthetic finish. The mainframe is a critical component that comes under the primary structure, which is shown below:

Main Frame

The main framing basically includes the rigid steel frames of the building. The PEB rigid frame comprises tapered columns and tapered rafters (the fabricated tapered sections are referred to as built-up members).

The tapered sections are fabricated using the state of art technology wherein the flanges are welded to the web. Splice plates are welded to the ends of the tapered sections. The frame is erected by bolting the splice plates of connecting sections together.

At AIPL, all components are designed in accordance with the latest Indian and International standards.

AIPL offers various framing systems depending on requirements and applications. AIPL Rigid frames, being economical and offering column-free space, are ideal for a huge plant layout. We can design the buildings even up to a clear span of 100 meters.


Columns And Rafters

Another two crucial parts of the PEB’s primary structure are the Columns And Rafters. These members are the stabilizers. They provide the load balancing for the weights coming in from all directions. AIPL provides these parts as assembled, thus forming the frame of the building on which the other building parts are fixed.

We leverage advanced software suites such as Tekla, STAAD PRO etc., for designing these parts of major importance. The design is determined by performing due diligence tests for loads such as Live Load, Dead Load, Collateral Load and loads due to Winds etc. 

Post the design phase; our engineers prepare detailed shop drawings whose data will be precisely transferred to our associates on the shop floor. Upon receiving this finalized data, the production process is carried out systematically.

Crane Beams

These components are necessary for the unobstructed and seamless movement of cranes across the dimensions of the building. They are supported in a columnar fashion on the building.